UCAR Travel Policies and U.S. Federal Regulations

**The Fly America Act is a Law not a UCAR policy.**


UCAR's Travel Policy is to ensure that travel funded by UCAR is essential to its mission, that persons traveling on UCAR business are properly insured, that the travel cost is reasonable, and that the costs of travel are accounted for properly. It is UCAR's policy to require that all UCAR-supported travel comply with conditions specific in cooperative agreement(s) and all applicable Federal regulations, including those of the Fly America Act, regardless of the source of funds. UCAR reimburses persons traveling on UCAR official business for eligible costs incurred during properly authorized and documented travel.

Federal regulations, such as the Fly America Act, are US laws! The Fly America Act requires that commercial air carriers for business travel, when using public funds, must be selected in accordance with the Act. A non-US Carrier is allowed ONLY under very specific circumstances and special procedures must be followed for any exception. JOSS will not reimburse or purchase any airline ticket that is not in compliance with the Fly America Act. Please click here to view an informal, plain-English version of the Act as well as to obtain the Fly America Act Waiver checklist.



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