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JOSS | VSP Merger

We are proud to announce the merger of the JOSS and VSP programs as of February 14, 2016.  Together, we look forward to providing continued exceptional support and services to all of our partners and communities.
Work is underway for a merged website.

Joint Office for Science Support

What We Do

Meeting Planning and Implementation

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JOSS arranges and administers over 450 scientific meetings, conferences and workshops of all sizes worldwide annually.

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Innovative Travel Management

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Our experts provide complete travel management for scientific programs.

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Community Collaboration

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A multitude of national and international scientific programs rely on JOSS's expertise to help them achieve their mission.

Okeanos Explorer In Training Program

Education and Outreach

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JOSS provides opportunities to early career scientists by facilitating interactions between senior and early career scientists.

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Program Administration and Funding Development

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We partner with you in navigating the scientific funding landscape.

Upcoming Events

27 October 2016
Washington, DC
Regional Workshops
7 November 2016 to 8 December 2016
Rochester, MN - Cedar Rapids, IA - Champaign, IL - Cincinnati, OH

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3090 Center Green Dr.
Boulder, CO
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